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  • 3 X Stain & Odour Remover Spray

    Description Cature's 3X Stain & Odour Remover has 3 times Cleaning Power than any ordinary spray. It eliminates stain, odour and bacteria from the root. Our 3-in-1 extreme formula immediately penetrates, breaks down and removes odor, uric acid, and organic…
  • Cature Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter Smart Pallet-6L

    Description This premium litter is made from reclaimed wood 100% natural and non-toxic. Its free from industrial gels, harmful chemicals and is fragrance-free. With natural wood fibres and wood essential oils, it can absorb liquids and decompose while inhibiting the…
  • Cature PureLab Rinse Free Shampoo-150ml

    Description Natural formula, No alcohol, Safe for Licking! Perfect for winter cleaning, senior, sick pets or pets after surgery. It eliminates odors and makes your pet fresh and clean in quick and easy way. For whole or partial body cleaning…
  • Dermaleen Itch Wash

    Description Dermaleen Itch Wash is a medicated shampoo that not only gives your animal a soft lustrous coat but contains ingredients that aid in the control of a variety of skin conditions. Dermaleen Itch Wash also contains Sedaplant Richter, a…
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    Flory Boost Pet Gel-15 ml

    Description Nutritional supplement for newborn puppies & kittens It is highly recommended to also use HYDRABOOST Pet along with FLORYBOOST Pet to rehydrate the animal and restore the osmotic balance. It also brings prebiotics, probiotics, electrolytes and energy, that helps to maintain intestinal microflora…
  • Folrex-150ml

    Description Folrex syrup has been manufactured by Vivaldis Healthcare. its is a nutritional preparation on the basis of hydrolyzate of activated chitin, which promotes the regeneration of articular cartilage. Features Helps ease pain and inflammation associated with hip dysplasia, arthritis,…
  • Nature Plan Fruit Flavor and Honey Budgie Food – 500 Gram

    Description Nature Plan Honey and Fruity Budgie Bird Food, regarding the food habits of birds in nature, has a composition which can meet the physical and biological needs of budgies at maximum level. Moreover, it is a complete bird food…
  • Nursing Kit Card

    Description Bottles and nipple specially designed for small and large babies: 2 oz. for small animals and 4 oz. for larger animals. Bottle feeding allows animal to refuse formula when full. Nipples replicate the natural feeding action of a mother's…
  • Over Hydrovit-50gm

    Description Over Hydrovit prevents dehydration of the body. It is especially recommended after vomiting, diarrhea, surgeries and in the event of thermal stress. It is suitable for bitches after giving birth and during breastfeeding. This product provides easily digestible source…
  • Over Protein Shampoo-250 ml

    Description Thanks to natural ingredients such as wheat proteins or extracts from aloe vera which regenerate outer skin layers. The shampoo excellently moisturizes and strengthens the hair and also soothes irritation. Recommended for dogs and cats that have just recovered…