Flory Boost Pet Gel-15 ml

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Nutritional supplement for newborn puppies & kittens

It is highly recommended to also use HYDRABOOST Pet along with FLORYBOOST Pet to rehydrate the animal and restore the osmotic balance.

It also brings prebiotics, probiotics, electrolytes and energy, that helps to maintain intestinal microflora balance and  intestinal tract health.

FloryBoost Pet is an easy to administer gel.


  • Quickly coating the entire intestinal tract during digestive disorders
  • Adsorbing intestinal toxins
  • Beneficial bacteria colonization of the gut
  • Immediately available energy supply
  • Hydration
  • Hepatic and digestive metabolism stimulation


  • ­Cats: 2ml
  • ­Toy and small dogs (weight <10 kg): 2ml
  • ­Medium dogs (11< weight < 25kg): 4ml
  • ­Tall dogs (26 < weight < 40 kg BW): 6ml
  • ­Giant dogs (weight >40kg): 8ml

Double the dose in case of severe diarrhea.


Gel 15 ml syringe